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Dental Exam and Cleaning Near Me in Richmond

Dental Exam & Cleaning Near Me

Dental exams and cleaning are absolutely important, find a dentistnear you to get started. As part of maintaining your oral health, adental exam involves a thorough evaluation of your teeth, gums, andmouth in general which may include X-rays. Dental cleaning on the otherhand involves the removal of tartar and bacteria to help you preventcavities.

At our dental office, we strive to provide you with excellent dentalexams and cleaning using the latest technology. If it’s been a whilesince you last had a dental exam and cleaning, make a point to book anappointment with us as soon as possible.

Issues we handle during dental exams &cleaning

Teeth & gum cleaning

Plaque can build up and cause tooth decay. We clean your teeth andgums to remove bacteria and significantly lower your risk ofcavities.

Dental X-rays

We use low levels of radiation to capture images of the interior ofyour teeth and gums. The images help us detect any underlying issuesbefore they cause severe damage.

Dental check-ups

As part of our routine exams, we provide you with a general checkupon your mouth, face, neck, and head to check for anyinconsistencies.

Oral cancer screening

A dental exam is a perfect opportunity to check for early signs oforal cancer. As with any type of cancer, early detection is key tosuccessful treatment.

Getting regular dental exams and cleaning helps you stay on top ofyour oral health. We offer services to children and adults. During yourvisit, you will learn more about proper brushing and flossingtechniques. If you have dental problems such as bad breath or gumdisease, dental exams mark the start of your treatment. Talk to us todayto get dental exams and cleaning near you.

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