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Teeth Cleaning Near Me in Richmond

Teeth Cleaning Near Me

The American Dental Association recommends that you should visit yournearby dental office once every six months for dental exams andcleaning.

There are different types of teeth cleaning procedures depending onwhat your dental hygienist finds during a physical exam.

Teeth cleaning prevents bacteria populations from growing in yourmouth and causing dental disease.

We’ll tell you about the most common types of teeth cleaningprocedures you can expect at our dental office.

Prophylaxis Dental Cleaning

Prophylaxis dental cleaning is a preventive teeth cleaning procedure.If your hygienist determines that you have healthy teeth, a prophylaxisdental cleaning is sufficient to prevent disease. A prophylaxis cleaningremoves plaque and tartar from the front, back, and sides of teeth usinga dental scaler.

Scaling and Root Planing Cleaning

Also referred to as deep cleaning, scaling and root planing cleaninginvolves cleaning your teeth and gum pockets in order to treatgingivitis and moderate periodontitis. If you have advancedperiodontitis, you may require additional steps in your treatment.Scaling removes plaque and tartar from the tooth’s surface and in thegum pockets below the gum line.

Periodontal Maintenance Cleaning

For patients who have periodontal disease, routine periodontalmaintenance cleaning is important for teeth and gums to controlinfection which in this case is not treatable.

Gross Debridement Cleaning

This is a heavy-duty teeth cleaning procedure suitable for teeth thathave huge amounts of plaque and tartar.

How long has it been since you last had your teeth professionallycleaned? Speak to your dentist about teeth cleaning or set up aconsultation with us to plan your next teeth cleaning appointment.

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