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Teeth Cleaning Near Me in Richmond

Updated: Mar 20

Teeth Cleaning Near Me

Staying on top of routine dental cleanings plays an essential role inyour oral health and overall health. More importantly, routine teethcleanings can prevent more serious oral health complications like gumdisease and tooth decay that can lead to tooth loss.

The American Dental Association recommends visiting a dentist atleast twice per year. If you don’t have a personal dentist, start withone near you.

Just like an annual physical exam is essential to your body’s overallhealth, routine teeth cleaning is crucial for the health of your teeth,gums, and entire mouth. The aim of a teeth cleaning session is to removeplaque and tartar buildup on your teeth and under your gum line toreduce your chances of cavities, gum disease, or eventual toothloss.

Teeth cleaning also involves a physical exam that gives your dentistand dental hygienist an opportunity to spot signs of dental diseaseearly and possibly prevent them.

Here’s what happens during a teeth cleaningprocedure

Physical exam – Your dental hygienist has to performa physical exam before treatment to check the status of your teeth andgums.

Removing plaque and tartar – After the exam, they’llthen proceed by removing the build-up of plaque and tartar.

Gritty toothpaste – They’ll then apply a grittytoothpaste that scrubs your teeth to remove leftover tartar.

Flossing – Next, they’ll help you floss in betweenteeth.

Rinsing – Next, they’ll help you rinse debris.

Fluoride treatment – Finally, they’ll apply afluoride treatment that protects your teeth from cavities.

Benefits of a Dental Cleaning

There are three key health benefits associated with routine dentalcleanings. These include:

  • The maintenance of oral health

  • The prevention of oral diseases

  • Early detection and treatment of oral diseases.

Do you want to speak to a dental hygienist near you? Call ustoday.

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